Emergency Power Supplies

What is an Emergency Power Supply?

An Emergency Power Supply is an electric device that permit to have, in an emergency situation, an energy reserve to supply some devices normally used for security.

How does it work?

An Emergency Power Supply is composed of a power electronic unit and one or more battery units.
In a normal situation (mains present) the system recharges and maintains the charge of the batteries, while during a black out situation it provides energy to the loads connected taking it from the previously charged batteries.
Power unit. With a sophisticated electronic circuit that perform charging, conversion and stabilization function.
output circuit designed to perfection according to European standard EN 50171. LCD display with push buttons to visualize each operating parameter.

Battery unit. Modular and configurable according to individual needs.
Backup times for every system.

Elegant cover for covering the underlying wiring



Remote control

Interfaced via Ethernet
TCP/IP protocol
Wired or wireless connectivity
Remote control from tablets and smartphones

Centralized supervision of the emergency system:
diagnostics and status display
lamps and loads monitoring
battery control
consumption analysis
anomalies management


Sealed lead acid batteries maintenance free, long life 10 years, fireproof. The kert batteries are developed for emergency and to be installed safely in any environment, according to EN 50272.

Which Emergency Power supply choose

The EPS is a very versatile product but is classified according to two main uses: emergency and anti-flooding

EMERGENCY ideal for lighting system and lamps, automatic electric opening/gates, video surveillance, elevators, home automation, domotics, ventilation systems, smoke extraction systems, and more...Designed for use in centralized systems for power and security, it complies with the relevant regulations EN 50171.

ANTI FLOODING Designed for installation in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings where it is necessary to supply one or more single-phase electropumps in case of emergency/black out, to prevent that the black out causing serious damage to persons or property.

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