CPSS/GSE Emergency power supplies


Part number: KDOMO600

Emergency power supply for domotics 600W

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Data sheet

Emergency power supply for domotics 600W

Installation Wall mount
Technology Line-interactive
By-pass yes
Signalling Minimum battery voltage, Overload, Short circuit, Thermal protection, Operated batteries
Recharge time
EPO - Emergency power off
Output frequency (Hz) 50
Information on the display Overtemperature,Low battery voltage,Present mains,Tensione batterie [Vdc],Batteries to replace,Livello del carico collegato [%],Overload,Temperatura interna soccorritore [°C],Cooling system on,Boost/buck operating mode,alarms / faults,Valore frequenza ing, Battery operating,By-pass enable,Overtemperature,Overload,Low battery voltage,Present mains,Test working mode,Battery voltage,Batteries to replace,Load level,Rescuer internal temperature,Cooling system on,Boost/buck operating mode,Allarms, Battery operating,By-pass enable,Low battery voltage,Present mains,Test working mode,Input voltage,Output voltage,Output frequency,Battery voltage,Batteries to replace,Rescuer internal temperature,Overtemperature,Cooling system on,Boost/buck operating mod, Allarms,Boost/buck operating mode,Cooling system on,Overtemperature,Rescuer internal temperature,Load level,Batteries to replace,Battery voltage,Output frequency,Output voltage,Input voltage,Test working mode,Present mains,Low battery voltage,Overload,By-, Emergency group,Low battery voltage,Thermal protection,Overload, , Emergency group,Low battery voltage,Overload, , , , , , ,
Battery input voltage (Vdc)
Input voltage (Vac) 230 Vac
Battery type Sealed lead acid, maintenance-free
BACKUP TIME / [W O P] (min) 30 / [600]
Wave form Pure sine wave
Transfer time (ms) 2
Operating current [inrush current] (A) 5 [15]
Output voltage 230 Vac
Efficiency (%) >97
Input frequency (Hz) 50
Communication -
Cooling Automatic forced cooling
Working temperature (°C) -10 +40
IP rating IP20
Audible noise at 1m (dBA) <40
Output connection Screw
Standard provided equipment -
Standards EN 50272-2, EN 62040-1, EN 62040-2, EN 62040-3, Directive (LVD) 2014/35/UE, Directive (EMC) 2014/30/UE
Material Metal
EN 50171 -
Warranty 2 Year
Package quantity (pieces) 1
Height (mm) 443
Width (mm) 294
Depth (mm) 176
Weight (Kg)

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