KAD120W2 is a Kert industrial power supply with compact design.

A powerful, reliable, reduced consumption and space saver device.

KAD120W2 is a Kert industrial power supply with compact design, resulting as the smallest available on the market

It boasts 120W of power for only 480cm3 of volume, compared to an average of 524cm3 attested in competitor’s products.

KAD120W2 has high power at the highest temperatures, not registering any power reduction up to 60° Celsius.

A stability that translates into high efficiency (90%) compared to the products of the same bracket (88%).

This model has a power factor of 0.6 and stands out for reduced consumption without sacrificing high performance

KAD120W2 moreover has a low residual ripple, which stands at 100mV, against average values on the market of 120mV, for a better power supply to sensitive devices.

A powerful, reliable and reduced consumption space saver device.

  • Industrial power supply reliable and quick to install
  • Doesn’t have power deviations in difficult conditions environments,
  • it’s by 20% more efficient than the competitor’s
  • it is the smallest of its kind on the market compared to similar devices with 120W power
  • No derating on temperature, certified reliability
  • High power factor, translatable in lower energy dispersions and lower consumptions
  • Thermal protection, guaranteed safety against overloads and short circuits
  • Installable on DIN guide
  • Stabilized output and adjustable output voltage


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