Those who chose KERT



For over 30 years has been designing, manufacturing and trading around the world electronic equipment suitable to ensure energy and electrical continuity to every kind of application.
Over the years, on the base of an constant evaluation of the market and considering the customer satisfaction as a primary landmark, KERT has expanded its catalogue which today includes a wide range of power supplies, single-phase and three-phase UPS, emergency and anti-flooding power supplies, voltage stabilizers, inverters, battery chargers.
The core business of the company remains the power supplies: the DIN industrial and modular series is produced entirely by KERT at its headquarter, in order to ensuring the customer the opportunity to choose a high quality and high security product.


KERT knows that the customer's requirements, the application of the product, and also his implicit and unspoken desires, are the starting and the ending point of any business strategy, the core around which define our own goals to achieve them.
And it is this awareness that guides the management system ok KERT Group.
The production process is constantly focused on the trends of the market, and through continuous activities of design, research, development and testing of high-performances products allows to offer the customer an excellent quality.

Efficiency and reliability

KERT products are a guarantee of high robustness and reliability, but since ever the brand KERT is also synonymous of innovation and design.
Furthermore there is the innovative design of the Emergency Power Supplies series, with their elegant and fluid lines.

Certifications and quality

Thanks to this philosophy and its approach, which always leads and orients the corporate policies, KERT Group has invested over the years in a deeply monitored process of management and production, in order to maximize and optimize the performance both in domestic and international markets. For this purpose, the company decided to comply with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001, obtaining its first quality certification in 1997. In the years to come KERT continued with perseverance and commitment its own path of improvement, up to achieve the latest certification system on the basis of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.
KERT Group obtains the Certification of Quality System by DNV, one of the most authoritative international control organization, that confirms the very high reliability of the company.


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