CPSS G6 series. Everything under control with one click. It will be easier starting from today!

Kert created KCPSSLAN the new SUPERVISION card, compatible with all CPSS of the G6 series

The system has an easy and immediate graphical interface:

  • Multilingual
  • Responsive
  • All browsers compatible
  • Visualization from smartphone and tablet.

From remote, with one click.

The system offers you the possibility to check all the functioning of the CPSS G6:

  • Temperature
  • Load percentage
  • Batteries status

It’s equipped with an internal datalogger to export functioning charts and to verify all data:  

  • Via e-mail reports, result of testing carried out autonomously by the cpss
  • Personalized access on multiple levels, for the protection of the system 
  • Support of all the future updates, downloadable from Kert website 

All SUPERVISION cards can be retrofitted, with the possibility of being istalled on CPSS produced prior to 03/01/2021.

CPSS can be updated by Kert service at a fixed price. 

Ask your retailer for information or contact our customer service!

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