AC-DC Power Supplies

Power and reliability

What is a switching power supply?
A power supply unit is an AC-DC converter, which is a device that serves to straighten in output the electric voltage input (changes alternating current AC to direct current DC) in this way it provides electrical energy suitable for being used from other electrical equipment.


The mini power supplies offer efficiency and reliability in minimum space.
Guarantee of an efficient service. The extended range input, as well as the connection to direct current networks combined to the wide range of operating temperatures, allows its universal use. The power supplies of the Minimal series can be integrated very suitable in numerous applications, e.g. into electrical connector blocks and flush mounting boxes, and they represent the optimal solution where everything depends from the dimensions and the ease of the installation without compromising high working performances.

- High efficiency
- Space-saving
- Easy installation

The Minimal power supplies do not require an ground connection, and this reduces time and costs of installation in remote panels, surveillance and monitoring systems.


The best of the switching technology, high efficiency modular power supplies designed and suitable for being used in every system.

- High efficiency
- Short-circuit protection, Hiccup mode (automatic reset)
- Flyback type circuit
- Thermal and overvoltage protection

The Modulo power supplies do not require an ground connection, and this reduces time and costs of installation in domotics, automation and security systems.



The maximum performance for machines and automated systems with electronic 12Vdc, 24Vdc or 48Vdc.
Despite the compact design, they offer maximum efficiency even in highly critical systems.

- High efficiency for maximum reliability
- Contact to signal "Output voltage = ok" for easy integration in the monitoring of the system
- Highly adjustable output voltage to compensate voltage drops
Wide operating temperature range from -10 to +70 ° C
Internal thermal protection with pre-alarm by LED and auxiliary contact, and current output
Overload Indication: with pre-alarm by LED and auxiliary contact for DC voltage fail




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